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From time to time I publish papers and other texts in English, Spanish and French. They are being uploaded on this site.

Is it really acceptable for our economic system to undermine the environmental sustainability of the planet? The same economic system that time and again falls victim to financial collapse and causes ever-increasing inequality? It is very clear that something is seriously wrong – demonstrated not only by the climate, finance, and inequality crises of recent years, but also by the presence of new economic structures in which the rules are dictated by power and money. Clearly, this economic order can no longer be identified as a market economy, the central drivers of which are our needs and preferences. Instead, I call this new economic order the ‚Corporatist Economy‚. A small number of large multinational corporations are gaining more and more control over society.

On this topic I publish a series of consecutive papers together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung and the Green European Foundation.

Paper 1:

Overcoming the Corporatist Economy, Restoring the Market Economy (EN)

Mettre un terme à l’économie de pouvoir, rétablir l’économie de marché (FR)

Superando la economia corporativista, Restaurando la economia de mercado (ESP)

Liberarsi dell’economia del potere, ripristinare l’economia di mercato (ITA)


Paper 2

The Corporatist Economy and the Nanny State (EN)

L’économie de pouvoir et l’État-nounou (FR)

La economia corporativista y el estado niñera (ESP)


Paper 3

Beyond the Corporatist Economy: Impulses for a Green economic policy (EN)



Other topics

Greece – Opportunities for the Future (Mai 2015, Working Group on the euro, Alliance 90/The Greens Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag)

Grèce – trouver une solution durable et équitable pour un maintien du pays dans la zone euro (Juin 2015, Décision du groupe parlementaire Alliance 90/Les Verts)

Money for Change: The financial sector in the green economic transformation – Instruments and coalitions for sustainable and social investments in Europe (starting page 8, October 2014, in English)

The German government’s reply to my interpellation on the recapitalisation of Spanish banks (November 2012, in Spanish)

Why the Green New Deal is a Response to the European Debt Crisis (published 2011 by Heinrich Böll Stiftung)

Better quality of life less use of resources less environmental damage New answers to the question of growth (December 2016, in English)